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Our Activities

Target groups and activities 

There are two target groups to which PIGR activities are addressed: its members and scaffolding branch as a whole.

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  • representing economic interests of the bodies associated in it
  • supporting the economic initiatives of its members
  • shaping and popularising ethical principles in the economic activity of the construction and scaffolding industry
  • supporting the developement of the professional education, supporting vocational education in companies, as well as upgrading qualifications of workers
  • expressing opinions about the projects of solutions related to the functioning of economy in Poland
  • participating in the legislative process
  • participating in the activities of advisory and consultative bodies
  • expressing opinions about the economic developement, especially in the construction and scaffolding market.
  • evaluating the inplementation and functioning of legal regulations
  • participating in the process of creating conditions for the development of economy
Informational, Statutory , Economic activity 

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Economic activity -

Informational activity -

Office -

  • conveying information by the office of the Chamber
  • running the chamber's website
  • cooperation with mass media, e.g. industry press

Publications -

PIGR publishes articles for the industry press, such as:

  • Forum Budowlane [The Construction Forum]
  • Świat Aluminium [The World of Aluminium]
  • Inżynier Budownictwa [The Construction Engineer]
  • Przegląd Budowlany [The Construction Review]
  • Wiedza i Praktyka [Knowledge and Practice]
  • BHP w firmie [The Security in Company]
  • Konstrukcje Stalowe [The Steel Constructions]
  • Licz i buduj [Count and Construct]
  • Instal [Install]

Statutory activity & Economic activity

Editoral activity:

Advertising activity:

Training activity:

and also -

Activities with a view to

  • integrate
  • promote

by means of: