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The idea to found an organisation representing professional and business interests of the young, though dynamically growing, scaffolding branch, emerged over 15 years ago. It was exactly the nineties that witnessed a breakthrough in the scaffolding industry in Poland.

Originally, in 1997, an all-Polish organisation called Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Firm Rusztowaniowych [Polish Association of Scaffolding Companies], abbreviated as OSFR, was founded. Today, after a transformation in 2004 we function as Polska Izba Gospodacza Rusztowań [Polish Economic Chamber of Scaffolding], abbreviated as PIGR.

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The significant difference lies in the fact that while an association is formed by the natural persons, a chamber is made up of legal persons. It is also noteworthy that the Chamber has a much stronger position in the self-government structures.