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UEG organization

Contacts and cooperation with German and Czech Republic assotiations gave rise to an idea, put forward in 2006 by both the German and our organisations, of the foundation of the European union, which would associate companies representinge scaffolding industry. The next two years saw two groundbreaking meetings

  • in Prague, 29-30 March 2007
  • in Potsdam, 24-25 October 2008

which have paved way to the meeting of interested organizations from different countries where, on the approval of the registration documents and the elections of authorities, the UEG (der Union der Europäischen Gerüstbaubetriebe) has bee founded.

Founders of UEG:

Bundesinnung für das Gerüstbau - Handwerk (Niemcy)
Èeskomoravská Komora Le¹enáøù o.s. (Czechy)
Güteschutzverband Stahlgerüstbau e. V (Niemcy)
National Access and Scaffolding Confederaton - NASC (Wielka Brytania)
Polska Izba Gospodarcza Rusztowañ- PIGR (Polska)
Schweizerischer Gerüstbau Unternehmer Verband SGUV (Szwajcaria)
Vereiniging van Steiger Hoogwerken Betonbekistingbedrijven (Holandia)

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The structure of UEG

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President of UEG
Martin Angele